Sunday 24 March 2024

 How are the mighty fallen!

There have been a few changes to the area since my last post. March 2024 marks the end of the once magnificent horse chestnut tree in St Stephens churchyard. Planted in November 1785 it has become a landmark in Sopwell as well as from the King Harry roundabout. The tree was diseased and had to go. The PCC of St Stephen's church promise there will eventually be another one planted. Let's hope so as the churchyard will look very bare without it. 

Talking of trees, we still have a few left in Sopwell, most of them in St Stephen's churchyard. The cedar tree is one example and there are several old oak trees there. We must respect these mighty specimens which are just as important - if not more - than old buildings. I know of one lovely oak tree near the garages by Mandeville School which was felled without consultation.

Another recent change is the official opening of another new road in Sopwell called Jenny Lane, The lane was built on the land behind Leyland Avenue where the youth club used to be.

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